Friday, April 1, 2011

Comfort foods for the meteorological trauma of April Fools Day.

So for a very long time now macaroni and cheese has been the bane of my self taught culinary existence.  A combination of poor luck and impatience seems to perpetually leave me with curdled milk or cream and an unusable and inedible mess afterwards.  Well not today(by pure luck)!  Today i made macaroni and cheese with a couple twists that popped into my head.  Instead of regular mac i found a cool looking ruffly pasta that i decided looked fun, i also added in some smoked paprika, cayenne, artichoke hearts, and garnished with asparagus.  The cheese sauce was a combo of heavy cream, sharp cheddar and mozzarella and the topping was a combination of panko and about 10 fortune cookies placed in a ziplock bag and(after removing the fortunes) bludgeoned the bejeezus out of with a cutting board.  It turned out really well, if any survives till monday maybe it will make an appearance on the 4th floor at school.  Here are the pics.  I didn't really document the cooking process as my cameras battery was dead, these photos are courtesy of my roommate who also happens to be a far superior photographer than i am, so a shout/thank out to him.